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Individual children Expressive Arts Therapy - Client's feedback (with translation)
兒童個人表達藝術治療 - 案主父母回饋:
我的兒子是一個聰明及快樂的男孩, 他清楚對錯, 時常喜愛表現得好, 要求自己做得對. 現年8歳. 當他7歳時, 他開始有焦慮表現, 咬指甲, 每早上學時也病. Aqua (水老師) 協助我們明白不宜給他太大不合理的期望, 他們是個體, 有不同的天份及弱點. 責駡及責罰不能幫助他們成長及發展. 反而我們需要給予空間, 讓他們表達及自己尋找. 我們宜鼓勵他們做得好及挑戰自己的安舒區, 而不是為了父母的期望及目標.
在我們的個案, Aqua 替兒子進行治療, 給他安全及引導的環境, 讓他表達及渲洩陰暗面. 她指引我們如何建立兒子的自信, 由只注重成績變為注重學習過程.
接近一年的時間, 兒子仍有間中咬指甲, 但其他嚴重焦慮表現已消失. 他變成更主動及對自己的功課更有責任心, 成績也有進步. 他學習了努力是為了自己, 不是我們迫他.
My son is an intelligent and happy boy. He is very clear about right and wrong and he always likes to be good and do what is proper. He is now 8 years old. When he was 7, he started showing signs of anxiety. He was biting his nails and he would feel ill every morning before school. Aqua helped me to understand that we can not impose unreasonable expectations upon our children. They are their own person, each with his own talents and faults. Yelling, scolding and punishing them will not help them to grow and develop. Rather, we need to give them room to find and express themselves. We need to reward them for challenging themselves and doing things that take them beyond their comfort zone, not for meeting our expectations and goals.
In our case, Aqua conducted therapy on my son, giving him a safe, guided environment where he could express and vent his deepest, darkest feelings. Then she counselled us on the best ways to build confidence. She taught us how to take the emphasis away from grades and to focus on the process of studying and learning.
After almost one year, my son still bites his fingers a bit but the more severe signs of anxiety have gone away. He is much more responsible for his own work and he is doing better in his studies as a result. He has learned to work and achieve because he wants to do well and not because we force him.
我也要多謝這對父母, 多謝信任, 有他們的用心及配合, 這個個案才能事半功倍, 在治療室只是每星期一次, 家庭才是最大的資源. 只要找專家在旁引導, 用心真心為小孩, 一定有轉機.